Food for Thought lives up to its name by serving health-conscious food in a historic and relaxing setting in Draper.

Erin Sugiyama started Food for Thought in 1996, when she moved to Utah from Pasadena, California, and was surprised at the lack of California-style cooking in Utah. So she grabbed her apron and got started. 

Starting small with bakery items like eclairs and cakes, Erin put her former catering experience to use as she introduced a number of unique salads and sandwiches. Her Pasadena Blue Salad, which includes California–inspired ingredients like avocado and oranges, is still offered, as is the Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich.

Erin and her husband, Stephen Sugiyama, run the bakery/cafe which offers unique and delicious options for breakfast and lunch. The day starts with a locally roasted coffee service and breakfast favorites, like pastries, quiche and the coveted Pecan Baked French Toast. For lunch, it’s salad and sandwiches, along with a tomato soup made from scratch. Dessert is the highlight, with hand-decorated cookies, lemon bars, chocolate cake, tarts and more to eat there or to bring home.

This summer, the cafe is offering a way to escape the heat with their own version of a handmade popsicle in blackberry, key lime pie, strawberry, coconut or fudge. They’re also making their own ice cream sandwiches with house made cookies and toppings. 

Food for Thought operates out of a 100-year-old house situated on a historic park next to the Whisper Dome, a historic gazebo. “The Whisper Dome is one of those places where the acoustics are really interesting because of the shape,” Stephen says. “If you sit on one side of the gazebo, and the other person sits on the other side and you whisper very low, you can hear each other.”

The site’s history dates back to when pioneers first entered into trade. “I think being in that old house makes it a really unique experience,” Stephen says. “We also have a really nice patio where you can sit out and look at the whisper dome and enjoy the park setting.”

The most rewarding part of running Food for Thought? For Stephen, it has been being able to influence his guests’ eating habits in a positive way. “The idea that you can control your health or mitigate some of the health problems you have by just eating good, fresh local and balanced food is something that people are discovering,” he says.

Unique and healthy food. Historic Setting. Not to mention they share grass with the park. “If people are out in Draper, and they want one of the best places to relax, on a park, that’s Food for Thought," Stephen says. "It’s really a neat setting.”

Food for Thought is located at 12640 Fort St. in Draper. For more info, call 801-576-9161 or check out their menu here.