It's been years in coming, but finally former attorney generals Mark Shurtleff and John Swallow (aka ShurtLo) have been busted for felonies related to alleged shenanigans involving cash, payday loan sleezeballs, subverting state regulators, election-law violations and living like oil shieks at said sleazeballs' resorts. (Not to mention Swallow's epic performance in accidentally losing/destroying computer emails.)

The prosecution of Utah's one-time "Top Cops," of course, will take years to run its course. But one thing is obvious to anyone who has any knowledge of in ways of government—any rot in the highly politicized Attorney General's Office doesn't end with Shurtleff/Swallow duo.

And contrary to Gov. Gary Herbert's "sad day" description of the arrests—it is a happy day for Utah. The system may actually work—a little.

Now, the Legislature and/or the governor should pull together for ethics reform and an independent probe into the entire AG's office.

As state Sen. Jim Dabakis puts it: 

"The problem remains. 'Pay for Play' is still the name of the game, it is the heart of the problem. And nothing has changed.

"Utah still has no limits on contributions to campaigns! This needs to end. If the arrest of two Attorneys General does not motivate such a change--it is hard to understand what will."

Added blog bonus! The worst screw-up of the day:

Oh no, we don't need the Trib—the church's media can handle all our news needs.

And, BTW, because they don't hear this often enough—City Weekly's Eric Peterson has done an awesome job for years in covering ShurtLo.

Added bonus 2: My favorite Shurtleff moment—a Utah AG shamelessly huckstering, much like a trained seal, for a campaign contributor! (He suggests changing the state's name to "Utana.")