Unique and genuine best describes QP Collections’ array of handmade men’s accessories.

Owner Quinn Peterson grew the business from his childhood familiarity with a sewing machine. “My family always shopped secondhand for our clothing,” Peterson says. “In high school, I learned to alter my clothing so it would fit more appropriately.” As he became more familiar with a sewing machine, he began to experiment, and soon started making small accessories like neck ties and bow ties.

Peterson turned his hobby into a business in college, where he stitched neck ties by hand at his job in the production booth of the international cinema on campus. As the business gained traction, so did his need for extra help, and pretty soon he had a small team of seamstresses to help him out. "I work out of an old home I refinished in Provo," Peterson says, "and I just finished a treehouse in the back that has been pretty fun."

Peterson’s love of making things with his own hands extends beyond his own business. “I make everything that my life needs,” he says. “Furniture, tools, rebuilding old motorcycles.”

QP Collections, which sells beautifully crafted neck ties, bow ties, wallets, and bags, including a new helmet bag modeled after the aviator helmet bags of WWII, draws in customers with the exclusivity of their products.  

“People really like to know that there are not a million of them out there,” Peterson says. The new helmet bags, for example, are made of military surplus treated canvas, as a nod to the story and history behind the bag.

Peterson prides himself in the authenticity of his handmade products, which are sold primarily online, but also in a few smaller shops, such as the Unhinged Boutique in Provo and Sugar House. 

“I always look forward to working on these projects,” Peterson says, “and it’s far more gratifying when we have success, to know that it’s something that I’ve kind of created and grown out of nothing.”

For more info, check out qpcollections.com.

Photos courtesy of Ashley Thalman Photography