StyleByte: 5 Transition Pieces For Fall

It's difficult to think that Fall clothing is about to hit the racks when it is nearing 100 degrees outside, but get ready, the clothes are coming! Fall happens to be my favorite fashion season so I have been preparing for months. I feel the most me in comfy sweaters, chunky chains, and booties. I get excited to put away the dainty summer frocks with their lighter colors and lack of hardware and exchange it for well, all my black! The change of season allows us to bring out our darker side; darker colors, more embellishments, and an undeniable toughness - that I for one appreciate. But how do you make this transition seamless? Follow my five steps on the must have pieces to make the change as simple as possible.

1. Shoes: The easiest way to transition into fall is with your footwear. Clearly you don't need a riding boot in August, but grab an ankle bootie and rock them with your boyfriend denim and an easy light colored tee. I frequently get asked if pant legs should be tucked into a low bootie or rolled so that the cuff is out of the shoe. And the answer depends on the length of the pant and the height of the shoe, as well as the amount of embellishment the shoes has on it. If you're wearing the infamous Sam Edelman fringe bootie, then I would say to leave your jeans cuffed. Having a break between where the pants stop and the bootie starts will allow the eye to focus on the shoe.  If the bootie has a higher rise or detailing on the back, then I like tucking my skinny jeans into the boot - elongating the length of your leg.

2. Jacket/blazer: There is simply nothing better than a great jacket or blazer, so start looking now for something that can be worn in the summer on cool nights and during the day in a few months. Try a light colored jacket with leather detailing, a leather jacket, or a blazer with a hoodie underneath (I love the polished, yet edgy look this creates). I'd even suggest swapping a black blazer for navy to make the transition easier.

3. Tee: White tee. White tee. White tee. There is nothing more refreshing in the summer than a crisp white tee and frankly nothing more versatile for the change. It's the perfect canvas for that heavy jewelry that you've been saving and incredibly easy to wear under your jacket. And if you grab a Thread for Thought white tee at Apt. 202 the company donates 10% of each shirt to help refugees (both locally and globally) become self-sufficient and contribute to their new home through community gardening, nutrition, education and small-business farming. 

4. Denim: Your poor denim has taken a backseat for months, but now is the time to reach for it again. Skinny denim is still the king (as long as it works with your body and your vibes). The boyfriend jean that was so popular this summer is the perfect carry-over, and luckily many of the brands created a longer length boyfriend - adding even more versatility.  If you are more of a straight leg fan, just keep in mind that they tend to be somewhat tricky in boots. I would suggest rolling them up over your bootie or stick with a flat, as they can bunch when stuffing them into tall riding boots.

5. Heavy metal: You know I love heavy jewelry. It is the perfect statement piece. It takes two seconds to throw on a great necklace (earrings or bracelet) and most of the time it says all that needs to be said for who you want to be that day. My newest obsession is with the brand HalfUnited. Not only are their pieces unique and interesting, but they donate half their proceeds to feeding hungry children. So in my book, your getting the best of both worlds; looking good while giving back.  

Styling fall gets me incredibly excited and I can't wait for the season to roll in. As always if you have questions about what to wear, how to wear it, or need quick styling tips - pop into the store; Shellie and I are always available to help. We love to think about styling and fashion so that you don't need to. See you next month! XX Ashley

Ashley Rothwell-Campagna
Owner, Apt. 202

PIC 1: H by Hudsen, Sam Edelman, DV Dolce Vita and Kate Spade
PIC 2: Veronica Beard, BCBGeneration (in stock at Apt. 202), Zara (top right) and BB Dakota (in stock at Apt. 202)
PIC 3: LA Made, Thread for Thought, Thread for Thought (all in stock at Apt. 202)
PIC 4: DL1961 Riley, AG Tomboy, DL1961 Riley (all in stock Apt. 202)
PIC 5: All images HalfUnited (in stock Apt. 202)