Photo by Gordon Galbraith

Just in case you don’t already have enough planned for your Independence Day weekend, here is one more thing to add to your Freedom Festival to-do list: The Freedom Days Fine Arts Show.

Today’s event is a step up from an exhibit or gallery stroll. It is called an art show for a reason: You can meet the artists, watch live demonstrations, buy artwork, listen to nationally acclaimed storytellers and even watch some live painting.

So who’s there?

Darren Gygi is a fine artist and illustrator and this year’s winner of the competition to paint the Timpanogos Story Telling Festival’s poster. He does stylized portraits, illustration, character design, logo design, and, my personal favorite, murals.

Frank Marino Baker is a sculptor and painter specializing in drip and wire art. Very modern, lots of emotion, less realistic, but personally, I love his art.

Brian Thayne does a lot with landscape. His outdoor scenes are almost surreal, and he has quite a bit of Utah landscape. Keep an eye out for lots of red rock and his paintings of Arches National Park. He also does old world scenes and LDS historical buildings and temples.

Leslie Duke paints still life—fruits and vegetables mostly. She uses lots of paint and large brush strokes to give more of an impressionistic feel her art.

Layne Brady and winner of Utah’s Best of State Awards, Darin Ashby are among the other artists that will also be there showing off their art.

There is also an option for locals to submit their own artwork, so you might get a glimpse of the talents of your neighbor. What is local artwork today, might be big news tomorrow.

The Art Show runs from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on July 4 and 5 at the Utah County Courthouse, University Ave and Center Street, Provo.