After making crafts cool again with artsy nonprofit Craft Lake City and running SLUG magazine for over a decade, Angela H. Brown should be named SLC’s alt-culture queen.

Of course, that wasn’t her plan. After earning a bachelor’s in photojournalism at Salt Lake Community College, she was ready to leave. “I was tired of living in Salt Lake,” Brown says. Her job with Universal Music and Video Distribution even promised a career in San Francisco upon her graduation. But then bad news slapped her in the face: Her father was dying of cancer. If she left, she could miss his final years. Instead, she accepted a promotion from her other job at SLUG (Salt Lake UnderGround) and took over the magazine.

Now, 14 years later, she’s happy she stayed. “Through taking over SLUG, I fell back in love with Salt Lake.” That love is reflected in the mag’s content, focusing on local music, action sports and more. And Craft Lake City’s DIY Festival, which started in 2009, boasts over 200 artisans of all things handmade, from knitting to silk-screened posters. 

This year’s DIY Festival is Aug. 8–9 at the Gallivan Center.

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