Ever wondered how to achieve the perfect garden? Now there's an app for that. 

Edyn, the brain child of Princeton-educated ecologist and evolutionary biologist Jason Aramburu, is a garden sensor that monitors the elements to help you produce the perfect crops. Once inserted in the soil, the Edyn Garden Sensor will gage the sunlight, water and nutrients in the soil and alert you via the app when your garden is not in proper balance. The information that the garden sensor collects is then used by the Edyn Water Valve, which you attach to your watering system, to water your plants as needed. Because Edyn uses a sensor to monitor the conditions of your garden, it will never be over or under watered.

Edyn even collects the information from your garden, including temperature, light, humidity, moisture, and soil nutrition and cross references it with information in the Edyn Cloud for the optimal conditions for your region so you will know which plants will thrive best. Edyn works by sending an electric wave through the soil and measures how it is altered by water, fertilizer, lime or compost. It then compares this information with other Edyn users so it can recommend to you the optimal course of action for your garden.

Edyn is currently on Kickstarter and units are available for their product backers.