The phrase “anybody can dance” may seem cliché, but at DF Dance Studio, they mean it. 

The beginner and the seasoned competitor make this studio their own. Combining diversity, competition and fun, the ballroom, salsa, tango and hip hop dance studio has quickly become one of the largest in Salt Lake City. 

DF Dance Studio was created seven years ago, when Maria Ivanova noticed Provo had a lot of dance studios, and Salt Lake was lagging behind. “I wanted to provide a salsa scene, a social dance scene and an environment where people could mingle,” Ivanova says. 

The studio offers a wide array of social and competitive dances styles, like salsa, ballroom and Latin, waltz, foxtrot, tango, hip-hop and more. DF has also become rich in diversity, with people of all cultures and languages coming together to dance.

In the past two years, the studio has started training dancers for national competition in ballroom. Along with programs for competitors, the studio offers instruction for youth and beginners.

“It’s a destination for people,” says Ivanova. “People come to dance, and stay for other reasons.” The benefits of dance extend far beyond the physical—DF Studio dancers meet new people, have fun and boost their confidence. “It's important to a person's development at every level," Ivanova says. "It teaches kids how to work on a team, how to work with a partner.”

No experience? No problem. “Dance is for everybody,” Ivanova says. “Everyone is welcome. Everyone will feel at home.” 

DF Dance Studio is located at 2978 S. State Street, SLC. For info on classes, call 801-466-0490, or visit