Nothing makes food come to life more than using fresh herbs. From sweet to savory, there are a multitude of ways to use herbs in creating unique, delicious, and memorable dishes. Below are our top four herbs that will take any meal from ordinary to extraordinary.


There are two types of basil commonly used in the culinary world: Sweet basil and Asian basil. Basil has an anise or clove like flavor and is often used in Mediterranean or Italian cuisine as well as Asian cuisine. It has also been known to calm nerves and provides a good source of fiber.

Suggested Uses: Caprese salad with fresh mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil pesto over homemade noodles


This aromatic herb packs a punch. Rosemary is best used sparingly so as not to overpower the dish. Rosemary is delicious used in marinades, especially with game meats. It also may help improve memory.

Suggested Uses: Roasted red potatoes with rosemary elk with rosemary roasted pears


Traditionally used for pickling, this flavorful herb also pairs perfectly with seafood. It is the perfect compliment to delicately flavored dishes. Old wives tales note that dill can cure hiccups by mixing the leaves in boiling water, straining out the leaves, and slowly drinking the liquid.

Suggested Uses: Grilled salmon with cucumber dill sauce, lemon-dill chicken


While often associated with sweets, many flavor profiles of mint lend themselves to savory dishes. The cooling properties of mint make it the perfect pairing for spicy foods. Mint also has been known to relieve nausea.

Suggested Uses: Watermelon, feta and mint salad, lamb loins with mint pesto

Plant your own indoor herb garden today and enjoy these must have flavoring agents on a year round basis.

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