Mill Creek Fork

This is where you want to be on a hot day, enjoying stream flows and swimmin' holes.

Distance: 3 miles round trip

Elevation gain: 500 feet

Time: One hour (unless you go for a dip)

Trail: Singletrack and stream crossings. Some of the streams are only navigable if you do a little back-stroke.

Who you'll see: Hopefully, no skinny dippers.

How to get there: Take Mill Creek Drive south out of Moab; turn on Mill Creek Road to Power House Road. Big parking lot and info area.

Notable: Rock drawings, huge swimming holes, cliff diving—it's all here. The hike overall is a pretty easy one, but you can employ some bouldering/mountaineering skills if you're so inclined.

Eco-conscious: The workaday beer-can crowd may invade on weekends. If you want to be a superstar, bring an extra bag to pick up loose cans on the way out.

Best time of year to go: As son as the weather begins to turn a little warmer in Salt Lake, head south.

Apres-hike: Pint of Derailleur ale from Moab Brewery, 435-259-6333