Raise your hand if you got a Memorial Day sunburn. Chances are you're not alone.

It's wise to always practice safe sun-soaking, which means applying and reapplying sunscreen to your body and face anytime you're in the sun. For prolonged sun exposure, sun hats are a good option for protecting delicate facial skin, lowering your risk of skin cancer and minimizing wrinkles in the long run.

Thank goodness there are hundreds of sunscreen options, but if you're still looking for something that works, try these.


Replenix Sheer Physical Sunscreen SPF 50+

The creamy formula goes on easily, without being cakey or leaving a white film. And the texture is such that you can even apply makeup over it.


Yes to Cucumbers SPF 40 Natural Sunscreen

This thick cream formula is great for kids' faces, and - in my opinion - a lot easier to apply than a stick. It's thick enough to show where you're applying it, and has a fresh, cucumber scent.


Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen Spray

It smells better than your average sunscreen, but I've found that it also works. The water barrier formula makes it great for the pool and beach.


Let's say you skipped the sunscreen or forgot to reapply, and now you're a crispy shade of lobster red. Now what? Here are a few products for soothing sunburned skin.

Solarcaine Cool Aloe

Cooling aloe and lidocaine provide pain relief without stripping your skin's moisture. The formula is sticky, so apply a thin layer and reapply as directed.

Burt's Bees After Sun Soother

The natural formula contatins aloe and linden flower along with coconut oil, bee pollen and glycerin that replenishs moisture in minorly sunburned skin. 

Lavaderm Cooling Mist

Lavender essential oil and aloe leaf concentrate soothe and cool sunburns. Spray on a small amount and rub in.


Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water, both while you're in the sun and after.

Cool bath (you can add oatmeal or lavender oil) and cool compresses.

Apply a light moisturizing lotion to keep skin constantly hydrated.