Are the proverbial springs popping out of Utah’s collective head?

First we learn that we’re No.1 as for buying online porn. (Not to mention, as Salt Lake magazine revealed, No. 1 for porn-addiction paranoia.)

Now, we learn that Utah Googles “Kama Sutra” more than another search term.

What happened to being the No. 1 puritanical state? The Byzantium of California's top search is “meat is murder” and Seattle, the Sodom of the Northwest, innocently searches the Web for “unicorn tattoos.”

It makes sense, of course, when you consider Utah’s cultural bans on sex education, masturbation and talking about sexuality in general. Add to that tens of thousands of pubescent-peaking, chastity bound returned missionaries looking for mates.

One might argue that a copy of the Kama Sutra in every bishop’s office as a pre-marital counseling reference could improve young marriages and take a bite out of the so-called porn-addiction "plague."

BTW, Googling “Kama Sutra” is NSFW.