Rebecca Conde L.Ac.

When it comes to health problems, we tend to look for a quick solution that sticks. Here's one that actually works: 

Rebecca Conde is introducing locals to the wonders of acupuncture at her new clinic, Earth Center Acupuncture, which opened this past March in Holladay. 

Conde pursued a holistic approach to medicine and nutrition at the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine, launching her career as a licensed acupuncturist. 

Her clinic offers a wide range of services, including Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese and Japanese style needling, which allow for superficial to deep treatment, depending on the individual.

Customers are given individual attention, and the tools are gauged to best suit their body type and needs. 

Despite common misconceptions, acupuncture treats more than just pain or injuries, covering problems like the flu, colds, allergies, menopause, gynecological disorders, digestive issues and emotional disorders.

The clinic is an inviting space and accommodates all age groups, including kids. Acupuncture is usually sought out by patients who have exhausted all other options, although Conde stresses the importance of seeking it out as a first choice.  

“My focus is on creating a space that will allow people to heal, no matter what they are dealing with in their life,” Conde says. “My treatments are geared towards treating the root of the problem and oftentimes I find there is some emotional component to that."

Earth Center Acupuncture is located at 2180 E. 4500 South, Holladay. Visit for special offers. Email or call 801-849-0079 for more info.