Slow Food USA has recently rolled out a "Members Only" program–basically a bonus opportunity for dues-paying members. The idea is to express appreciation for members' commitment, dedication, and financial contribution to the slow food movement. And to increase membership, obviously.
So, first of all, here's where to sign up to become a member of Slow Foods, one of the most important advocates for healthy, local, organic, sustainable food. 
Or you can attend an event and sign up there.
May 15 will be Slow Food Utah's first Members Only Event: a local entry in the. Slow Food Speakeasy, a cocktail competition celebrating the art of the American Cocktail.
Yes, I know. There are a million cocktail contests now, including this magazine's Farm-to-Glass contest coming up in September. But Slow Food USA's contest will select four regionally representative cocktails made by mixologists who share Slow Food values. The winners will become official Slow Food USA delegates at Terra Madre and their cocktails will be featured prominently in Italy at Slow Food's Terra Madre and Salone del Gusto held in Turin, Italy, from October 23-27, 2014.
Each cocktail must showcase an Ark of Taste* product and represent its local origins. Utah is being represented by Caleb Cannon of Bodega and The Rest—on May 15, Slow Food members get a sneak peak at his creation with a special tasting menu.

From May 15th to June 15th, The Rest will be featuring a Slow Food tasting menu paired with the cocktail that Caleb has submitted for the competition. But if you want to taste it before anyone else, join Slow Food Utah.

* The Ark of Taste is Slow Food's living catalog of delicious and distinctive foods facing extinction. By identifying and championing these foods we keep them in production.