Okay, I know it's hard to believe because it's cold and wet and gray outside, but really, truly, sunny warm days are just around the corner.

How do I know?

Rosé's are popping out all over, that's how.

Not only are the DABC wine stores blushing along their aisles–last week Copper Onion's winemeister Jimmy Santangelo ran the restaurant servers through a rosé primer to prep them for this year's "Summer of Rosé," a selection of rosé wines to go with Copper Onion's warm weather menu.

On May 13, Meditrina's Wine Social will feature rosé wines and benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which we can all feel good about again since they've backed off Planned Parenthood. Meditrina chef/owner Jen Gilroy will pair boutique, small production rosés with hearty dishes and dares you not to love the pink stuff. The cost per person is $25 for the wine and $20 for the food pairings. Phone 801-485-2055 for reservations.

Copper Onion's rosé selection includes mostly wines made by the saignee method (leaving the juice on the red skins to pick up their color) and a few made by coloring white wine with red. All the wines–from France, Italy, Napa and Sonoma–are special order and Santangelo suggests pairings, so servers know which wine to recommend with which dish.

In other words, you can trust your servers' recs at Copper Onion, when it comes to rosé.

And next door at Copper Commons, they'll be serving rosé from the keg, like they do their red and white.

So take heart and buy pink: All the wine salespeople in town can't be wrong about the weather.