Maybe I'm being optimistic, but I believe this week was our last freeze for the season.

That means it's picnic time.

And while I'm a huge fan of crisp-crusted, yeasty European-style loaves, sometimes for a sandwich I yearn for the bread of my youth—not plastic packaged and pre-sliced but an American loaf nonetheless: white, with a touch of sweetness and a fine crumb.

And I know where to get one in Salt Lake City:

Carlucci's Bakery on 300 South, near Caputo's downtown.

For four bucks and some change, you get the perfect loaf for chicken salad, pb&j, grilled cheese, cinnamon toast, with no holes for filling to leak through. We used to call this a "Pullman" loaf, even though the baking pan may not have the traditional lid. But now the term "Pullman," like the color of a UPS truck, has lost its railroad-era cache.

Check it out.