Photo by Adam Finkle

Mondays are infamous for inflicting excruciating misery on even dedicated workaholics. No wonder we call it Blue Monday. 

But at The Green Pig Pub in SLC, the term has taken on a merciful meaning. The pub hosts Monday Blues, aka Open Blues Jam, a weekly late-night music and dance session. Think of it as a weekend flashback. 

Bridget Gordon opened The Green Pig five years ago—since then, the pub has gained popularity with crowds of all ages. On any night, you’ll find an unusual meshing of college kids and seasoned locals in the Pig and on Mondays the eclectic mix makes for a lively dance floor. If you don’t have blues moves, you can turn to regulars for a lesson or two.

“A lot of people bring their own partners, but we do have people who just show up and meet other people,” Gordon says. “We have a couple of gentlemen who are really good at it and they just ask all the girls to come dance, so they get out there and swing them pretty well.” 

Having musicians with guitars, mouth harps or soulful voices getting their Buddy Guy on at the Pig turns the intensity on the dance floor up several knotches. Especially when names like Shorty Gilbert, Andre Williams and Vinnie Paul (Pantera’s drummer) drop in when they’re in town. 

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