Windermere Real Estate moved to the Redman building in Sugar House. And it's worth checking them out just to see their office.

On April 17, Windermere invited industry professionals to check out their new digs. Along with chic industrial furnishings and numerous balconies, their office has Ms. Pac-Man and spiral staircases.

The view from Windermere's SE balcony.

One of Windermere's top priorities is helping clients get the most bang for their buck.

Chad Rawlins, realtor at Windermere

One of their realtors, Chad Rawlins, recently helped a client sell their home for $20,000 more than expected. After he helped them with some new paint and floor finish, there was an offer within the day.

"Things aren't staying on the market for more than a few days," Rawlins says. 

Windermere's laid back, yet chic office space tells clients what the company is all about. They want their clients to feel comfortable, while still conveying their experience in the industry.

Marvin Jensen, Premier Director at Windermere

They're serious about selling your home, but they'll also make it a good time.