Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR) is home to one of the best terrain parks in the world, boasting marvels like the Eagle Superpipe’s 22-foot sidewalls and the massive tables of King’s Crown. But big definitely doesn’t mean better when the closing weeks of the season transform these feats of icy engineering into slush. Enter the Holy Bowly, which gathers together winter’s last flakes and the world’s best snowboarders into a final weekend of tweaked transfers and big air debauchery.

Over 80 pros—including vets like Jamie Lynn, Forest Bailey, Wes Makepeace and Scott Blum—are confirmed for Saturday’s session, which runs from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the bottom of the 3 Kings chairlift.

Held exclusively in Japan for the past two years, the Holy Bowly is an international flow festival that pours soul surfers, jibbers and pipe jocks into the most creatively curvaceous terrain Jeremy Cooper and the crew at Park City can dream up. Conceived by Krush Kulesza as “a gathering, not a contest,” the Holy Bowly will feature hand-carved banks, big walls and perfect transitions inspired by the original Z-Boys but promising to be “the future of terrain park design,” according to Lib Tech, who sponsors the event.

Once the pros have had their fun on the hips and gaps, the course will be open to anyone who wants to shred, rip, tear, stomp or maim all day Sunday—regardless of your preference for two planks or one. Registration for day one of the Holy Bowly is $20 and restricted to snowboarders only, but includes a day pass and lunch voucher at any PCMR food vendor. Whether you line up with the pros on Saturday or take a few turns on Sunday, the Holy Bowly is the proper way to say goodbye to another hallowed Utah ski season.

For info about the Holy Bowly or to register, visit Park City Mountain Resort's website.