ANTHONY JESELNIK, THE DEPOT, Saturday, April 12, 8 p.m., $35.50 day of show

We can all agree that stand-up comedy is a subjective art form, so naturally the diabolical, cutting humor of Anthony Jeselnik isn't for everyone. But if you've seen him trade barbs with fellow comics on his hit Comedy Central show "The Jeselnik Offensive," or dominating the roasts of folks like Donald Trump and Charlie Sheen while a stage full of comics could only hope to keep up, you know the man has serious skills on stage. His persona during his standup is of a dark soul willing to say any ol' sociopathic non-sequiter that enters his mind--and it suits him well. Consider this--the first episode of his Comedy Central show, he performed a whole bit of cancer-related humor--to an audience of cancer victims. Yes, Jeselnik is not for the squeamish, but if dark humor is up your alley, you'll want to be at The Depot Saturday night.