There's probably not a more appealing food word in the English language than "dumpling."

Just the sound of the syllables conjures up comforting, belly-filling food and properly made dumplings on the plate live up to dumplings in the mind. 

That goes for noodle-style dumplings, chicken and dumplings, baked dumplings and yes, Chinese dumplings, also known as dim sum.

Mandarin Chinese restaurant in Bountiul is celebrating the glory of dumplings during its Dumpling Fest right now. For five more days, you can eat your way through an array of special dumplings—over 1,000 dumplings will be folded by hand during this special event. And each type comes with its own dipping sauce. 


Shrimp and Spinach Dumpling (steamed) with Citrus-Ginger-Cilantro sauce

 Pork and Shrimp “Shu Mai” (steamed) with Orange Blossom Honey-Sesame sauce

 Southeast Asian Beef Dumpling (steamed) with Mint Chutney sauce

 Chicken Cilantro Crispy Won Ton (deep fried) with Apricot Mustard sauce

 Chicken Pine Nut Pot Sticker (pan fried) with Soy-Ginger sauce

 Salmon Dumpling (steamed) with Coconut Yellow Curry sauce

 Then get your self up to Bountiful and wrap yourelf around some dumplpings while they last. 

Now I'm hungry.

Call 801-298-2406 Reservations accepted for 8 or more. Parties fewer than 8 may call ahead and be placed on the call ahead seating list.