Style expert Fernanda Bohme

Style expert Fernanda Bohme, Creative Director of Bohme, responds to SLMag readers’ fashion inquiries with the 4-1-1 on what to wear this season.

Q: What trends can we look forward to this spring and summer?—Rachel M.

A: Count on bohemian inspired dresses, vests and tops, including lots of lace. Chambray and denim button-up tops are popular again this year, whether they’re printed or faded in various washes. Paisley and floral prints are back, too, but look for them in sheer, flowing fabrics. With the strong bohemian theme, colors like ivory, white and indigo will be a popular choice this year. And as far as denim goes, the distressed boyfriend jean is a must have.

Q: I love fashion, but with two kids I have a hard time finding extra money and time to put full outfits together. Any advice about giving a plain outfit some pop without spending too much money?—Leslie C.

A: Being up-to-date with changing fashion standards is challenging. I don’t blame you for wanting to budget time and money. Start with simple things like wearing bright red lipstick and a heeled bootie. Both will add some flair. Adding a scarf to any outfit can suddenly transform you into a fashionista, and printed leggings come in many colors for creating a fun look. Whenever I feel frumpy in an outfit and have zero time, I throw on a casual black flyaway blazer with skinny jeans and black sunglasses, and I instantly feel sophisticated. 

Q: What is the best way to accessorize a summer outfit?—Karlee T.

A: Summer accessories are fun and they bring your look to a whole new level of posh. Even though it’s warming up, don’t skip over scarves. Have fun with statement necklaces and don’t be afraid to try them in different colors and styles. Bags, clutches and wallets in bold prints can liven up any look. Woven fedoras or floppy, wide-brimmed hats paired with sunglasses of any shape are both chic and functional for blocking out the summer sun.

Q: I’m in my 40s and I love the look of pattern leggings and tights. Is this trend only for the young or for the young at heart as well?—Heather K.

A: I love that you still want to have fun with the latest trends. I’m sure you want to appear put-together and not silly in a legging that’s too funky. Start with a black and white printed legging paired with a black tunic on top, and finish it with black boots and a scarf. Of course, try new prints and colors if your personality craves it.

Q: What is the best kind of shoe to go with a little black cocktail dress?—Elise W.

A: I always like a dainty heel to go with a sexy cocktail dress. Choose a pair in gold, nude or black. If the shoe has an ankle strap, make sure the strap is skinny so your legs look seamless. If you have a petite frame and shorter legs, wear pumps that don’t have an ankle strap so your legs will look long and lean.

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