Courtesy of Kane Hibberd 

Fans showed up in every shape and form, even one on crutches, to see Utah-natives The Used with Taking Back Sunday on March 21. The Used's singer Bert McCracken admitted it was the "most fun" he's had on the current tour.

The concert started off with Florida-natives Sleepwave, with their screamo style earning some enthusiastic applause, although In the Venue was nowhere near filled just past 5 p.m.

Then Australian band Tonight Alive took the stage, gaining a more enthusiasitc response. Lead singer, Jenna McDougall, gives the band a pop-punk sound. It's also entertaining just to see her dance around the stage.

Photo by Linsy Hunsaker

Fans couldn't get enough of Taking Back Sunday, calling for an encore after their set. They started with their older stuff, but soon moved to tracks from their newest album Happiness Is. Lead vocalist, Adam Lazzara, opened up about his personal life after shouting at the crowd to show some respect. The song "Better Homes and Gardens" apparently holds some deeply personal and difficult issues for Lazzara to share.

Photo by Linsy Hunsaker

The Used started their set with some classics for their ultra-fans, like "Take It Away" and "Listening," before getting into the heavy subject of the messed up world we live in—using much more colorful language, of course.

Of their new album, Imaginary Enemy, that drops April 1, singer Bert McCracken encouraged the crowd "to steal it from a rich person and give it to a poor person," gaining him raucous laughter and applause. Now, we'll just have to find some rich people who actually own the album.

McCracken got a bit nostalgic part way through, admitting Utah was his favorite stop so far. "There's always so much anticipation when we come home to Utah. When we're finally back home and get to walk out onto the stage, I remember exactly why we started this band in the first place."

The Used and Taking Back Sunday will be at In the Venue again tonight, March 22 at 6 p.m.