Runners, bikers, walkers, commuters, park goers, city dwellers and shoppers: Get ready for Sugar House's upcoming triumph.

Parley’s Trail—the 8-mile multi-purpose path under construction, connecting the Bonneville Shoreline Trail to the Jordan River Pathway—opens the first phase of the trail’s crowning achievement, The Draw, on June 6. Last Thursday, artist Patricia Johanson hosted a behind-the-scenes tour of the much anticipated site. The Draw describes the underpass below 1300 East connecting Sugar House Park to Hidden Hollows Nature Area and hopes to become a "draw" for locals and tourists alike.  

Including Johanson's 200-foot-wide, 30-foot-tall Sego Lily sculpture inside Sugar House Park, The Draw will be a work of art, history lesson and water control project all tied into one.

Renowned environmental artist Patricia Johanson, winner of the National Endowment for the Arts design competition for The Draw, describes here the Sego Lily "as a story of immigrants coming to Salt Lake." 

Sugar House Park acts a basin for flood waters. In the event of a flood, Johanson says, "the Sego Lily becomes a safety netting" directing waters back to Parley's Creek. 

Salt Lake County Project Manager Walt Gilmore says, "[The Draw] will enhance people's experience in Sugar House . . . It really is the centerpiece of Parley's Trail."

Facing east looking at 1300 East: Trees lining the tops of these walls will kill the view of the buildings. Concrete walls will become red rock slot canyon walls with plant pockets, much like those in Echo Canyon or Bryce Canyon. Forty foot spires will act as landmarks for the Hidden Hollow Nature Area.

Tunnel below 1300 East. Traffic lanes will not increase, but a middle lane "breathing hole" will pass light through the bridge. 

Facing west on west side of 1300 East: The path will connect to Hidden Hollow leading to Sugar House retail area. The trail will eventually run parallel to the Sugar House street car

Below: Juan Arce-Larreta, Chair of Parley’s Rails, Trails and TunnelsWalt Gilmore, Salt Lake County Project Manager for Parley's Trail construction; and Patricia Johanson, designer of The Draw.


The County has already secured the $3 million budget for the project opening on June 6. They are now raising $1.5 million+ for the Sego Lily portion to be open at a later time. 

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