Enter Puccini's bloodthirsty princess, Turandot. 

She and Prince Calaf, the one suitor who kept his head when all around her others lost theirs, were the theme of Salt Lake magazine's March-April fashion shoot.

Utah Opera's production of the Puccini opera opens Saturday night. The legendary spectacle is renowned for its elaborate costumes—for this particular production, US/UO is using the designs by the creative team of director and choreographer Renaud Doucet and set and costume designer André Barbe:

 See? Their court advisors, Ping, Pang and Pong are dressed in blue (above.) The UO costumes we used in our photoshoot were red as in the pic below where photographer Adam FInkle and art director Scott Cullins stand in for the Chinese wise guys.

In our March-April issue of Salt Lake magazine, we featured the Utah Opera's own costumes, but we dressed the clever prince hero Calaf in   killer (haha) modern menswear from local stores like Utah Woolen Mills, Zuriick and Hugo Boss, City Creek. Take a look. 

It takes two people—stylists Penny Goodwin and Heather Carlos— to tie the shoes on this prince. Note how he has to stand on paper to keep from scuffing the bottoms of the beautiful shoes from Zuriick.

We had fun shooting this—here are some more behind-the-scenes shots: 

Princess Turandot texting because everyone does and it's one thing she can do without messing up her makeup or costume. She can't sit. Or eat.

Because it took hours for Janelle Corey and Nicole Sain to get the hair and makeup right.

Still, UO's Costume Director Pattricia Campbell thought it requried one more tweak before the shutter clicked. 

Now she's perfect. Go check out the show—it runs through March 23. And see The Prince's New Clothes here.

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