We think we’re pretty giving here in Utah, but it’s nice to have some confirmation.

LivingSocial, a Groupon competitor, has made it official: Utahns are thoughtful. Well, at least those of us in Provo and Ogden.

LivingSocial features deals in fitness, fashion, and basically anything coupon-worthy. Of the over 4.5 million LivingSocial deals that were gifted last year, Provo came out on top, with Ogden taking a close third. More than a quarter (25.94%) of the LivingSocial deals purchased in Provo were gifts. Ogden was only slightly less thoughtful, with one-fifth (20.72%) of their purchases for others.

What are some of the cities on the list that we beat? Wichita, Kansas is almost as thoughtful as Provo, coming in second with 21.24%. Fort Wayne, Indiana came in only .30% below Ogden, barely beating Salem, Oregon.

Utah, Oregon and North Carolina, each with two cities in the top 10, are most prone to giving gifts via LivingSocial.