StyleByte: "Closet clean out"

I love to clean and organize. I'm a Leo but tend to act like a Virgo when it comes to clutter.  I think a disheveled closet (or dressing room for that matter) is like a chaotic mind; simplify things and make yourself happier. I helped my client clean out her closet and we spent the hour laughing about what to save and what to pass-on.

It is amazing what we decide to hang on to with the idea that it just might come back in style, or fit again, or since the item was expensive that we can't possibly get rid of it.  Regardless of the many reasons we hang on to things, we all need to weed through our closets every now and again and purge those pieces that simply aren't working. My mom told me once, after watching Oprah, that if you don't wear an article of clothing in a year, you should find it a new home. And for the most part I agree.

When cleaning out your closet, here is a little check list that may help you to decide if you want to save it or make it go away.

1. Is it age appropriate? If you bought and wore the items when you were in your twenties and you're now sneaking up on forty - it's time to move on. This idea certainly applies to shoes as well. Here are some of the shoes that we decided to give to another home.

2. Does it fit well? Unfortunately our bodies change and so often things don't fit the way they did when we bought them. If it's ill fitting, get rid of it. Tailoring can be expensive and can alter the lines of the garnet. So unless it is a real 'keeper', it is probably not worth it.

3. Is it out of style? If you are questioning if something is out of style, it probably is. If it's your favorite and still makes you feel happy when you put it on, then I say keep it. I'll take confidence over trendy any day.

4. Have you worn it to death? We all have certain items that are simply worn out. If the color is faded and the style is past it's prime - then it is time to give it the boot. Here are some shirts from our closet clean out that were tired - so we passed them on.

5. Denim - Which pair should I keep and which pair should I consign? Denim is tricky because as we all know trends come and go. Bootcut was the "it" style a few years back and now most of us opt for a skinny/straight leg. But if your bootcuts fit you well and are a nice clean wash - I would encourage you to store them because they will come back in style. As for the skinny leg, that is here to stay so continue rocking them. Colored denim is also holding on this spring and even into Fall, so I would keep those around. A few notes on what denim to make disappear. Old ragged denim: toss. Ripped and thrashed denim: toss (unless you are in your twenties and then you can get away with it). Ill-fitting jeans, regardless of your age or how expensive they were: toss. We're all to cute with too many great denim choices to not live in a great pair of jeans.

6. What do you do when you love an item but just can not figure out what to do with it? This is when you need some outside help - ask a friend or better yet bring in these pieces to Apt. 202 and we will try to give you some ideas. My client was on the fence about this top but loved it when we paired it with her blazer.

As always, if you have questions or need advice, stop by and see me. Good luck with your closet clean out.

Thanks. Ashley XX

Ashley Rothwell-Campagna
Owner Apt. 202 Boutique
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