As you prepare for the weekend, here are five (OK, six) vital things to eat, drink, do or just think about.

On the Table: And the Winner is... The Wolf of Wall Street


With the Oscars Sunday, The Vault at Bambara is adding a splash and a twist of fun to predicting the winners. Bartenders have created a drink for each of the Best Picture nominees and are letting bar flies vote. Take a look at the recipes and tell us if you agree the Wolf has your heart, and your vote.

A&E: Drummer Boys


Allen Norman and Colin Currie are world-renowned “contemporary classical music rockstars.” Norman wrote a concerto for the Utah Symphony and Currie will bang it out, so to speak. Even if your taste doesn't normally run to classical music—don't miss this visceral experience.

Mary's Recipe: Individual Shrimp Cocktails

It isn't really spring, but let's pretend with a blossoming of shrimp cocktails. 

Street Fashion: Girly Girls


If you’ve been trying to create the perfect combination of girly and chic, these photos are sure to inspire. Hint: Don't chuck your childhood pieces, reuse them in a fresh statement.

The Talker: A Watershed Meeting on Gay Rights

Have we become too jaded to believe communication is the key to even the thorniest problems? This week’s meeting between gay rights advocates and members of the Utah legislature put it to the test on a measure to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation that GOP lawmakers refuse to even hear. Unfortunately, very few opposition lawmakers showed up to hear what it means to be LGBT.

Five +1: Phil's Final Scene

The New York medical examiner says brilliant actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died of "acute mixed drug intoxication," including heroin, cocaine, benzodiazepines and amphetamine. One of the final interviews of Hoffman's life was done by SLMag videographer Fernando Lara at this year's Sundance Film Festival where Hoffman hit the red carpet for A Most Wanted Man.