Photo by Stephanie Nitsch

Deer Valley Resort’s private label of edible sundries expanded earlier this winter when a new teammate joined the culinary staff. With the Silver Lake Lodge as her laboratory-kitchen, artisan cheesemaker Corinne Cornet-Coniglio has been giving guests a taste of her cheesy creations since November, when the wheels first made their debut.

If you’ve eaten at Deer Valley this winter, chances are you’ve already unknowingly devoured her hand-crafted delicacies. As the purveyor of fromage for all of Deer Valley’s restaurants (save for Fireside Dining’s oozy raclette), you’ll find her savory morsels in a la carte staples like burgers and salads or in Mariposa’s fine dining menu with Wild Mushroom Beggar’s Purse and the Seared Bison Filet.

To simply call her a cheesemaker, though, is doing her a disservice to the victuals—and to this international gourmand. A native of Belgium, Cornet-Coniglio spent decades in Europe procuring knowledge of “every possible European variety of cheese . . . in remote locations.” A significant amount of that was in France, learning the process of cheesemaking directly from dairy farmers and pastures before “farm-to-table” was a culinary trend. After coming to the U.S. in 2002, she worked her way to cheesedom as former co-owner and manager of Roubideau Farm-to-You, a fromagerie in western Colorado near Aspen. As current owner of Utah’s Fromages Without Borders, Cornet-Coniglio has made it her personal mission to promote and make gourmet, Euro-style cheese for all that will listen. Or eat.

Cornet-Coniglio in the kitchen, photo courtesy of Deer Valley Resort

Back at Deer Valley, the milk used in the resort’s signature cheese—both cow and goat varieties—is sourced from local pastures in Heber and Ogden valleys. Keeping it local is a key for freshness, but similar to a wine grape’s reaction to soil and climate, the subtle (or sometimes not-so-subtle) flavors in cheese are influenced by turf, weather and, of course, animals. So it’s not just a clichéd metaphor to say this cheese has a distinct local flavor.

Varieties include:
-Blue Bell, a true blue made from fresh cow's milk and aged over 60 days to creamy perfection and ripeness.

-Moon Shadow, an ash-ripened goat cheese with a bloomy white rind and firm textures, made with 100% local goat's milk.
-Meadowlark, a double cream, soft-ripened, cow's milk cheese encased in a velvety white rind.
-Provence Kid, fresh goat cheese encrusted with Herbes de Provence.
-Triple Truffle, a triple cream Camembert-style brie infused with fine black truffles from Umbria, Italy that’s creamy and earthy.

In addition to being served at all restaurants, Deer Valley’s line of artisan cheese is available for sale at the Deer Valley Grocery-Café.

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