Martine Cafe's "Small Plates Big Glass" Series is one of the better ideas when it comes to wine and food pairing events.

All too often these are occasions that go on and on and on, not quite ad nauseam, but close. The chef wants to strut his stuff, the winemaker wants to sell his wine and the guests are subjected to an aversion-therapy intensity experience that leaves them wanting no more. See Trimalchio. (NB: the classical reference is for my Dad, who paid for my Latin degree.)

When Martine's hosts Judd Finkelstein from Judd's Hill in Napa on Wednesday, Feb 19th at 6 p.m., the talented and undersung chef Tom Grant will present three tapas and Judd will offer three pours, all for $50. Call 801-363-9328.

Tom's menu is below:
Smoked Rock Cod with Salmon Roe & Beet Puree
      Judds Sauvignon Blanc
Gnocchi with Lamb Bolognese & Shaved Rock Hill Creamery Edam
      Judds Merlot
Beef & Creminelli Sausage Paupiette with Caramelized Kale
      Judds Cab and Special cab release option
*If February 19 doesn't work for you, you have other options for Judd's stuff, if not for Tom's

6:30 PM, Tuesday, February 18th, Wild Grape Bistro, 481 E South Temple, Salt Lake City, $45 dinner, $40 wine. Call 801 746 5565.

6 – 8:00 PM, Thursday, February 20th, BTG Wine Bar, 63 W 100 S, Salt Lake City, $25 food / $25 wine. Call 801-359-2814