An attractive woman eating a pepper makes this post more appetizing.

As the SLmag office prepped today for tomorrow night's Dining Awards, I mentioned an annual tradition my wife and I have observed for the past four years: On Dining Awards night, we visit a restaurant sure to NEVER win.

This isn't to say these restaurant's wouldn't win a Readers' Choice Award or that they're bad. If we hated them, we'd never go. They are simply just not Dining Awards material. So, why do we do it? Because we've always done it, or as Tevye would put it, "Tradition!"

Here's where we've already gone:

In 2010, we visited Sizzler in downtown, SLC. It's already disqualified for being a national chain, but even if it were local, their tendency to overcook steaks would probably keep it out of the awards. But we always have a coupon, and the salad bar is usually good.

Following the 2011 awards, we went to The Pie and I got a zappi (their version of a calzone), and my wife just got a slice. This is true college fare, which means it's very unlikely to beat upscale competitors in the Dining Awards. But it definitely has some Readers' Choice potential—just writing about the zappi makes my mouth water.

Village Inn is open till 3 a.m. When the Dining Awards are over, I usually head back to the office to post the winners on the website. By time I'm done, it's usually pretty late. And the Village Inn at 910 E. 400 South, SLC is so close to the office. Plus, I love pie, especially at 3 a.m. This was our 2012 pick.

In 2013, we got take out from China Star in Bountiful. This place is good, but not quite J. Wong's. Order the ginger beef if you go. The restaurant has been around over nine years and hasn't been on the Dining Awards radar—just a hunch, but maybe because the website is

Any recommendations for this year? Let us know.