Okay, chocolate. 

 There's just no avoiding it on Valentine's Day and I can only advise you. I can't force you to stay away from the Whitman's Sampler. Some classics belong on the shelf.

 Others, though, belong in your mouth. 

 Like everything chocolate at Caputo's Market & Deli. Their worldwide selection has won awards and includes Amano, the local favorite. 

 Want chocolate and flowers? You'll want to go to Liberty Heights Fresh, where even the roses are sustainably and conscientiously grown. Eufloria roses are the industry standard for absolutely fresh, gorgeous and responsibly grown roses. 

 Or check out Harmons City Creek, a grocery store that's outgrown Hershey's and carnations. In fact, on Valentine's Day, the whole store will become a Valentine's Day celebration benefiting the Natural History Museum of Utah, where chocolate everything will be served: Think Candied Pork Belly with Chocolate Ginger Glaze, Chocolate Cold-Smoked Salmon, Duck Breast with Cherry Chocolate Sauce, Drinking Chocolate with orange profiterole, Sachertorte & Chocolate Mousse. 

 Give the experience of chocolate by booking a chocolate class at the Natural History Museum of Utah, where Matt Caputo is conducting a tasting class on February 25 in conjunction with the current exhibit about Chocolate. Local chocolate is also being sold in the gift shop.