We were on the scene as stylish moviegoers lined up to see the films at the Sundance Film Festival. Here are our favorite looks on this year's fashionable attendees.

Zahid Kahn

“I’m wearing Prada everything: jacket, shirt, pants. Except the shoes, they are J.Crew. I get my Prada from eBay—it is my favorite store, ever.”

Marie Schleicher

“I’m from England; I’m wearing Hunter rain boots to represent my homeland and because they are a royal family staple. My shorts are from Topshop, sweater is from Forever 21, jacket is from Nordstrom Rack, my bag is from TJ Maxx, always.”

Richard Clegg

“It was all very cheap. The scarf I’ve had with me for 15 to 20 years; it is from Europe. My sweater and shoes are from the D.I., jacket and pants are from H&M.”

Trevor MacDonald

“This is my everyday style. My jacket is from Uniqlo, shirt is J.Crew, pants are Matix, but I get them tapered and hemmed so they are skinnier.”

Margo Bathelt (right) & Barbara Braeden (left)

Dressed head to toe in beautiful colors and prints, these two fashionistas would stand out in any crowd. When asked if they always dress this fun when seeing a movie they laughed and said, “Of course, I thought this was casual!”