Rumors have been flying for months about the imminent closure of Plum Alley, Ryan Lowder's beloved pan-Asian bistro-thing next door to his popular Copper Onion

Last night I learned it's not a rumor: Plum Alley will close after this week and Lowder will start construction on a bar complementary to Copper Onion–which is what he had originally planned for that space anyway. If he finds a good location,Lowder will re-open Plum Alley. Until then, it's so long to pork belly buns and duck wings.

Meanwhile, Lowder is working on a new restaurant in Holladay which is promising to become a new dining destination–Caputo's is opening there and possiblbly Taqueria 27

Kathy Stephenson has the deets on the Copper Onion saga here, but the big picture is Plum Alley is closing, a new bar is opening and Ryan Lowder's non-chain of restaurants continues to grow.