Prepare your tastebuds for pure sweetness: It's national pie day.  

But before you eat up, check out Mary's post with several pie recipes, where you'll also find tips from a pie pro.  

If every pie you've ever tried to bake from scratch turned out to be a whopping failure, raise you hand. Now, pat yourself on the back because it's taken centuries for even the most skilled bakers to perfect this full-flavored American treat. Keep trying, you're on to something tasty. With flavors galoreeverything from chocolate and cherry to pickle and pinto beanpie is a staple dessert that packs a punch. Whether favored by traditonal folk or braved by those craving a savory snack, it's rare for a slice of pie to be anything but satisfactory.  

Dig in and celebrate this national symbol that graces menus, dresses up dessert tables and is serenaded on music billboard charts. Whether it's here for you to taste or listen to (ever heard the Beatles "Honey Pie"), pie is here to stay and be savored.


Where to go if you haven't got time to bake?

Village Inn has become the “go-to” chain for pies and is offering their award winners to guests today.