When it comes to meetings these days, few are actually taking place in the designated conference room. Designers are moving from big spaces to more available, quaint, and efficient "collaboration stations." With technologically savvy advances such as conference calls, Skype meetings and cell phones becoming a staple in the workspace, Anne-Marie with AMB Design is focusing on putting technology at the forefront of meeting space design. 

Integrating technology into petite workspaces is no easy feat; but for AMB Design it's a fun challenge. 

A few tips from Anne-Marie:

Plan ahead: What technology do you want in your workspace now, and what will you want in it next year? Plan your design for both possibilities, not just for the moment. 

Create comfort—but not too much: Make sure your space is acoustically sound. Hard surfaces generate exhaustion. Spaces that are chic and cozy with sound efficiency in mind are best for quick collaborations. 

Keep it clean: Clean surfaces are key. Conference tables should be free of everything—even technology! Create small storage beneath the table for computer, charger and device storing. 

Go the extra mile: Making quick fixes to accomodate your technology in a conference is tempting—but technology in meetings is here to stay. Make customized design solutions, they are worth it!

This post was originally published on utahstyleanddesign.com.