After his father, a top Hamas leader, is put in prison by Israeli security forces, Mosab Hassan Yousef says, "I had one thing in mind—revenge."

But, he says, "Allah had other plans for me."

Allah works in truly mysterious ways and before Nadav Schirman's documentary Green Prince is over, Mosab will be recruited by the Israeli secret service, betray Hamas, his family and his father, convert to Christianity and become a man without a country hiding in the United States.

His only friend through it all is his Shin Bet (Israeli internal security agency) handler, Gonen Ben Yitzhak, who is ultimately dismissed by the Shin Bet for getting too close to Mosab.

If it weren't a true story, it could be a John Le Carre novel. Mosab and Gonen operate in a vertiginous world of lies, deception, doubt, fear and violence. Yet the two very different men bet their lives on each other to build trust and friendship.

Tonight: 9 p.m.
Salt Lake City Library Theater, Salt Lake City.