We all have our breaking point. After 30 years of writing about food and wine, I've reached mine. 

I've written about grilled watermelon, foie gras ice cream and snail caviar. I've written about beluga and Velveeta. But this is the dumbest thing I've run across yet.

Today Riedele announced its partnership with Coca-Cola in designing the perfect glass from which to imbibe the real thing. 

Riedel is the wine snob's wineglass–each bowl (stemless or not) supposedly best designed for that particular type of wine. The American appeal is obvious: a set of red and white glasses is no longer enough. If you REALLY care about getting the most out of a wine, you'll have one glass for your cabs/merlots and a separate glass for your pinot noir. 

You get the picture. 

Available for $29.50 (Set of 2) nationwide at Bed, Bath & Beyond and via riedel.com, according to the press release, "the Coca-Cola + Riedel glass undoubtedly changes the glassware game for Riedel, and offers Coke an incredible, effective new tool to help bring out the flavors of the world’s most famous beverage."

Oddly, the glass looks a lot like a fat Coke bottle. Or one of the old fountain glasses they used to serve Coke in. 

So what's next? Surely Dr. Pepper deserves its own glass. Or is Riedel suggesting that ALL soft drinks are sufficiently alike that only one glass is necessary? Even Sprite? And what about Red Bull?? 

I already buy most of my wineglasses from Deseret Industries. This news just confirms my loyalty to that particular stemware source. We have some good glasses from Taste of the Wasatch, Savor Idaho and a great Champagne flute from the "Walk in the Clouds" themed prom from Tooele High School (I think). My Veuve tastes just fine in that.