In digesting the blurbs and press releases on films premiering at Sundance, one jumped out at me for attempting to deal with an side to an controversial issue that Hollywood, despite its unabashed liberal, feminist reputation among conservatives, happily passes on.

Can having an abortion be a good decision? Hollywood seems to avoid at all cost plots involving women who chose abortion, then actually go on to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

Remember Juno? Tough-as-nails sweety who ends up pregnant (by Michael Cera, for god's sake), refuses the option of terminating her pregnancy. She transcends the emotional turmoil of everyone around her to find a loving home for her child with Jennifer Gardner. Misty eyed ending!

And as frat-boy vulgar as Judd Apatow's Knocked Up purports to be, mismatched Ben and Allison (Seth Rogan and Katherine Heigl) quickly decide to do the right thing and pass on abortion and even keep the baby. The film ends with them attempting co-habitation to provide the child with two parents. (What philisophical debate the film offers on abortion is led by Jonah Hill.)

Finally, premiering at Sundance this year is Obvious Child. According to advance information, it's a romantic comedy about a female stand-up comedian who gets pregnant (like Ben and Alison) as a result of a one-night stand. (SPOILER ALERT!) She gets an abortion and doesn't collapse into all-consuming depression and a withered future. If you want to help this film or just see a trailer go here.

I wonder how well that will play at Larry Miller multiplexes?