Matt Caputo, Certified Cheese Expert and owner of Caputo's Deli, tells which cheese to buy now and why:

"Maybe it's the season, but for the past couple weeks I have been revisiting old favorites. As described in a past bit (LINK), Grotte Caputo is a young Asiago we bring in from Wisconsin and then age for an additional 10-14 months in our cheese cave.

The extra time takes a pretty pedestrian offering and makes it crystalline and crunchy while still moist and buttery. It is full of sweet and nutty flavor blasts. One of our most crowd pleasing cheeses for sure. 
If that description, wasn't mouthwatering enough, I give you Grotte Caputo on White Truffles. For this rendition we split the wheels down the middle lengthwise when they arrive and spread a thick layer of house made white truffle butter in the middle and all around the cheese then we age just like the regular Grotte Caputo cheese. You can pretty much imagine the result, mouthgasm.
Obviously this is a cheese only available at Caputo's and we should have just enough to last through the Holidays. Then it will be gone for another 6 to 7 months. Don't worry too much though, because we have an experiment in the works. It is a joint project with Copper Onion involving Grotte Caputo, Brandy and Utah cherries. It will be ready for Farmer's Market 2014. I love my job. Merry Christmas."