“Utah Travels” is one of the most popular exhibits at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center—not to mention one of my favorites. And why not? It allows every would-be National Geographic photographer in Salt Lake County to have his shot at fame.

The photo exhibit presents images captured by Utahns as they roam the world, Utah or even the alley behind their house. Professional and amateur photographers offer their best work and the stories behind the photographs.

The guidelines are straighforward: Photos should reflect the "beauty, richness and diversity of people, events, nature, culture and all that celebrates humanity and planet earth." Easy smeezy, right? For more details go to culturalcelebration.org. When you've got it figured out, submit your work to folklorist Michael Christensen.

Utah Travels Exhibition will run March 6 – April 30, 2014

Utah Cultural Celebration Center, 1355 W. 3100 South, WVC, 801-965-5100

The photos above are from a previous Utah Travels exhibit.