Lacquered Up
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It's December 21st and your annual office holiday party.  In the whirlwind that is the holidays, you've managed to knock off most of your to-do list save for the perfect holiday party dress.  Not buying something new to wear does not make you lazy—on the contrary.  You now have the opportunity to pull the more theatrical pieces from your closet and be creative about how you use them. Take inspiration from a look like this one from Bradley Scott, which provides clues as to how to go gloss without getting lost. An eye catching ensemble full of pattern and shine such as this shares the spotlight with vintage accessories and styling.  Luxurious materials are the best way to work in glamour; combined with chic retro hair and makeup, you'll have a directional yet whimsical look.

Shy away from being timid. Plan boldly! First, choose pieces you already have in your own closet and incorporate them into your look. These can be beautiful, over the top vintage jewels from your grandmother's collection like a sapphire, cluster-drop earring or a three foot strand of pearls.  It could be the most texturally saturated dress in your closet; it could also be a body-conscious, black, neoprene mini you scored on a major designer markdown. Both carry equal weight in any party situation.  It could even be the diamond encrusted, single-sole pumps (very in at the moment) that you had buyer's remorse over for months, until now.  

No matter what you pull from your closet or what new item you add to it for your holiday season, if your dress is on the minimalist side, scour your jewelry box for gold and diamonds.  Leave the silver at home—gold packs much more of a punch while still erring on the side of sophistication.  Pick a jewelry combination like earrings and bracelets or rings and necklace. You can also stick with a single piece if it's truly as eye catching as it feels.  When it comes to this jewelry, remember that a longer length frock always compliments a longer earring, while shorter length in attire tend to court a shorter statement necklace or a set of bangles.

Another accessory to keep in mind is gloves. For the perfect blend of naughty and nice, style a pair of leather gloves, like the pair styled into this look.  They are an unexpected, chic, vintage-inspired way to make any look unique.  Leather lends to the gloss you'll need to match your surely glowing eyes and lips, and is the more svelte choice over a kitschy satin material.

Lastly, shoes are bit easier to tie into a look. Be sure they are not competing with any other part of your getup.  The weather outside is surely frightful, but as the song goes, inside will be toasty. Consider valet or door-to-door drop off so that you can appropriately coordinate your kicks. Unfortunately, snow boots only work with holiday dresses for people like Sienna Miller, so don't forget your tights!

Achieving a cohesive look is about believing in what you are wearing and wearing it with confidence. Your office party or holiday fiesta is a chance to indulge in the season's glossy, glamorous spirit.

Production: Just Like Molly
Clothing: Bradley Scott
Photography: Christopher Logan Studios
Hair: Hair Dresser on Fire
Model: Alissa Castleton


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