Sparkle and shine with the Just Like Molly holiday style guide.

The holiday party season is in full swing, which means you've probably read multiple articles on how to not gain the "holiday 15" (to summarize: forget gorging at the buffet table). You’ve mostly likely talked yourself out of approaching your office crush at the company party after downing too many martinis (thanks, Love Actually), and picked out your festive Christmas party wardrobes. Or maybe you've done none of these things, in which case we are here to help. Even those pesky holiday pounds and brooding office crushes can be improved upon by a killer appearance, so read on.  

Shimmer and spice and everything nice is the best way to describe this tailored brocade ensemble from Bradley Scott. It’s also the best mantra to repeat and emulate at any of this season's glittery holiday fests. Don’t fall victim to overwhelmed feelings of holiday spirit and think a quirky sweater featuring Santa, Frosty, or (gasp!) Rudolph is a good idea. Also, don’t assume red lipstick automatically makes your black pencil dress festive (newsflash, it makes you Melanie Griffith circa 1991). Last, but certainly not least, don’t expect that whatever has the most sparkle and sequins is the right fit for holiday party attire. No amount of champagne cocktails will make you feel any less like a tween pop star when you’re sparkling like a Katy Perry firework.

When attending a holiday party, there are certain  guidelines that should be taken into account. Forget traditional characters, and forget traditional colors. The new holiday dressing is gold, navy, and silver in geometric cuts. Modern glamour is the goal: It’s about scaling back without going minimalistic. The best parts of holiday dressing are shimmer and shine; whether it comes from your dress, your ears, your fingers, or your neck doesn’t matter, just as long as it doesn't come from all of them. Keep jewelry to a minimum, a coordinated earring and a few on-trend spike bangles add just enough to keep the look cohesive.

To keep this dress from looking too office and not enough holiday, vamp up your hair and makeup. If there is anything that a holiday party requires, it’s a coveted mane and a great set of eyes. A top bouffant with a glamorous wave coupled with dramatic brows adds style, and a bit of sexy, to an otherwise covered up look.

A perfect manicure is also a plus during this season. Pick something unassuming, like pale pink or navy. Never match, always coordinate.

Lastly, tights are an absolute must when wearing a dress in December. If you think your dress looks better without tights, please remember that in the dead of winter, your legs look better with them. Perfect holiday style should always consider the weather.

Production: Just Like Molly
Clothing: Bradley Scott
Photography: Christopher Logan Studios
Hair: Hair Dresser on Fire
Model: Alissa Castleton

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