Photo by Adam Finkle

Tyler Kirkham isn’t William Shatner or Adam West, but to the hardcore comic book fans at Salt Lake Comic Con last September, he was a bonafide celebrity.

It’s no surprise—at the time, he was the artist of Action Comics, the series that introduced Superman to the world over 70 years ago. He currently draws Teen Titans, DC’s popular teenage superheroes who are also featured in cartoons. 

A Utah native, he started collecting comic books with his brother as a kid growing up in the ‘90s. “My brother ended up getting out if it, and he gave me his whole collection. I just kind of stayed into it,” he says.

Now living in Kaysville, he’s also known for his work on DC’s Green Lantern characters and projects for Top Cow and Marvel Comics. At Comic Con, several women promoted his work by dressing as Anne, the protagonist in the series he created, Screwed, about a young woman who undergoes a Frankenstein-type operation. 

“Not only is her life screwed up, but she’s essentially screwed together,” he says. “I’m a fan of the strong female character.” When asked what characters he’d still like to draw, he lists the usual: Wolverine, Hulk, Batman. After a few seconds he adds, “Actually, Wonder Woman would be pretty fun, too.”

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