(c) Jerusalem 3D US LP/NatGeo

Dr. David Bokovoy from the University of Utah Middle East Center says the city of Jersualem was once "the center of the world, and it has been mentioned with greater frequency than any other city in the Bible."

He goes on to explain the story of Abraham, and how Judaism, Islam, and Christianity each understand that story in determining their individual claim to the "spiritual naval," Jerusalem. 

National Geographic's film Jerusalem gives a unique insight into the holy city.

Narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch (from Star Trek into the Darkness and PBS's Sherlock), the film follows three girls— Jewish, Christian and Muslim—as they go about their daily familial and religious traditions in Jerusalem. Each girl shows what Jerusalem means to her, and despite their differences, many similarities are revealed.

Jerusalem shows the signature National Geographic footage that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Enhance that with a 3D IMAX effect at the Clark Planetarium, and you almost feel as if you were in the city yourself. You experience majestic landscapes and up-close footage of ancient ruins in a virtual tour that at times make your stomach drop.

A city bursting with history, Jersualem is what separates the religions but also brings them together. In review, Bokovoy says the film "portrayed Jerusalem as a city of hopes and dreams that ties us together as human beings."  

Writer/Director Daniel Ferguson checks the monitor with Steadicam Operator Scott Hoffman. (c) Jerusalem 3D US LP/NatGeo

Jerusalem 3D is currently showing at the Clark Planetarium.

The documentary is only 40 minutes long and has breathtaking shots that will keep the whole family entertained. The Clark Planetarium is offering a special promotion for those who sign up for a new membership. Sign up for a Duo Membeship and receive two $9 discounts or two general admission tickets to the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at The Leonardo. For a Clark Family Membership, you will receive four $9 discounts or four general admission tickets.

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