Hip & Humble's Bountiful location, photo by Adam Finkle.

Hip & Humble opened its doors in Salt Lake City 14 years ago this week. The store at 9th & 9th was the vision of two sisters out to create a local and friendly boutique for clothing, accessories, gifts and home décor.

Today, the sisters, Susette Eaton and Sheridan Mordue, also have a location in Bountiful (see above) and recently opened a third in Sandy.

Along with bringing in new customers, the new location is closer to customers who used to make the drive to Salt Lake. “We wanted to do something that was easy to get to and had longevity,” Eaton says. “This is a really cute little building. We painted it bright turquoise, we have a cute black and white sign and a pink font door. It really stands out.”

The sisters have a passion for creativity that stemmed from their grandmother, a Salt Lake resident who, as Eaton says, was always redecorating and showing her an appreciation for a personal style.

“Sandy's vibe is really fun,” Eaton says. “Our clients who come in are really happy and energized.” Eaton says the Sandy staff is so friendly, it's worth it to drop in just for a conversation.

“I'm really looking forward to the Sandy community and Draper area discovering the art of shopping locally with local boutiques,” Eaton says. “It's a cool experience, and I'm hoping that these folks continue to patronize the small businesses like ours.”

The new location is located at 676 East Union Square (9400 South), Sandy.