While teenage boys tend to have their minds set on gaming, the Dixon brothers, who have an iOS engineer as a father, took things a step further and created their own multiplayer game for the iPhone—the new social app and picture comparison game, Pic It.

Following a summer where Keeve and Diem were home and bored, having outplayed their video games, their father suggested they do something a little more valuable with their time. That's when the idea of the app game came about.

“It didn’t take long for us to decide that we wanted to create a multiplayer game that used pictures, and the idea for Pic It came to life," Keeve says. "We discussed several options for the name, but when Diem came up with Pic It, we loved it."

With the abundance of photo sharing apps available, Pic It differs by using a game format to make photo sharing through social networking more enjoyable. The game can be played with 3–10 players, with one user choosing a word and the rest of the players submitting a picture they think best suits that word. The user who picked the word is the judge, and the player who submits the best picture that suits the word wins the round. Multiple rounds can be played simultaneously with different groups of players becoming judges of their own rounds.

The most challenging aspect faced when creating this app was how to incorporate both of the brother’s ideas on how the game should work. They both wanted to create a multiplayer game that wasn’t too difficult for users to understand and use, but at the same time, find sharing and comparing their pictures among friends fun and competitive.

“It’s exciting to have a product that we’ve built in the app store for others to see and download. It was a unique experience that I’ve learned from and continue to learn from as we now market it," Keeve says. "It’s really cool to tell people about it and see them using the app and enjoying it as much as I do."

With the tag line: “a word is worth a thousand pictures,” Pic It plays a twist on current social photo sharing apps. You can download the game from the Apple app store for iphone 4 and later models. To find more information visit picitgame.com.