MICHAEL BUBLÉ, ENERGYSOLUTIONS ARENA, Tuesday, Nov. 19, 8 p.m., $54.50-$99.50

There was a time when I thought the idea of enjoying a classic crooner delivering standards and love songs completely laughable. Then I was assigned to cover a Harry Connick, Jr. concert years ago that opened my eyes to what such crooners' fans already knew--there ain't nothing wrong with familiar songs delivered with an excellent voice and some modern flair. Michael Bublé doesn't share Connick's New Orleans' roots, but he shares a way on stage that is instantly appealing, as well as a knack for mixing just the right oldies with a few originals to keep things interesting. Bublé's latest album, To Be Loved, opens and ends with Frank Sinatra tunes (natural choices that he's performed for years, "You Make Me Feel So Young" and "Young at Heart"), and in between he blends four songs he wrote with covers of hits by the Bee Gees and the Jackson 5. Yes, it's schmaltzy, but Bublé has some serious pipes, and he's a funny dude with some entertaining stage banter as well. Take your girl, take your boy, take someone who can appreciate a little romance--even in a giant arena.