Short hairstyles are all the rage these days. When it comes to a rockin' pixie cut, styling know-how is imporant, especially if you want to keep it feminine.

Any good hairdo requires it's share of maintenance, but if you have a stylist who can give you a great cut, short styles can be as easy as a blowdry and a few styling products. No flat irons, curling irons or rollers required.

Here are a few essential products to try out if you're planning to try this trendy do on yourself.


Extra hold hairspray: A firm holding hairspray is essential for styles of any length, but particularly for short hair that needs to hold a certain shape all day. Whether it's short and spiky or swept across the front, it needs to stay in place. I'd suggest a spray that offers hold without stickiness. Aerosol sprays are good for this, as pump sprays tend to be more wet. Alterna Caviar Extra Hold Hairspray, Ulta

Dry spray wax: A texturizing spray or spray wax can be used on wet or dry hair. When used on dry hair, it offers an overall piecy texture without the shine of a pomade or stiffness of a hairspray. A little goes a long way, so avoid spraying on a lot at first, as it could make the hair appear greasy. Sexy Hair Play Dirty, Classy Chassis Beauty

Styling cream: Use a small amount of styling cream on the ends of hair to give it an even more texturized look. You can use it in conjunction with spray wax or all on its own. I prefer a more tacky, matte cream as opposed to a glossy pomade, but it all comes down to personal style preference. Bed Head Manipulator, Classy Chassis Beauty

Headbands: Just because you have short hair doesn't mean there's only one option for styling it. Throw on a headband to change it up a little. They're also great when the time comes to growing out a short cut. Hairband, H&M

Hair pins: Whether decorative or simple, you'll need hair pins for creating more versatile looks. Secure twisted or braided bangs (if they're long enough) with a simple pin, or throw in a single jeweled pin for classy dimension. Crystal Crush Bobbi Blush hairpin, Got Beauty