Certified Cheese Expert Matt Caputo, owner of Caputo's Deli, tells us what cheese to buy right now and why. 

Earlier this week we had a sell out wine and cheese pairing class featuring Evan from SLC's Ruth Lewandowski Winery. During the research leading up to the class, Evan and I were able to find some pretty incredible pairings. Most even created very pleasant tertiary flavors. Meaning flavors that only exist when the wine and cheese are combined and not when they are apart.

One of the combinations that I can't shake from my mind is definitely the Mahlon white wine from Arneis grapes with a Spanish cheese called El Cantu. El Cantu is an unpasteurized cow's milk from the North Western region of Asturias. The production is certainly on a smaller artisan scale and made with EU certified organic milk. 

The texture is hard and dry. When eaten with the rind (as I suggest for this cheese) the flavors of hay, grass and buttermilk are joined by a sharp and pleasant barnyardy overtone. When the cheese is already on the palate (whether swallowed or not) the first sip of Mahlon brings the the dry texture of the cheese to life with the rich oily texture of the wine. 

There is no easy way to describe how wonderful this pairing is, but if you want to try it, you will have to head to Caputo's on 15th and order a bottle of Mahlon and the cheese, because Evan is all sold out! 

Glad to see the first run from one of America's best natural wine makers is being received so well here in Utah, NY and Paris. There will be no 2013 vintage of Mahlon so, go to Caputo's and 15th and beg Jamey for a bottle before its too late. To miss the first vintage of any of Evan's wines would be a grave mistake on the part of any Utah food and wine enthusiast.